“A perfect look, captured forever”

It’s rather infrequent to cross paths with a company rooted in honesty, transparency and a focus on providing value while pioneering in an industry that has traditionally been accosted with skepticism and critique. However, Timeless Aesthetics has a proclivity for perseverance and achieves what few around them even aspire to be. All the while doing so with a confidence that’s borne of competence.

Dr. Shikha Baghi Bhandari, the woman at both the helm and the stern of this company, actualized this ground breaking institution through accessary procedures at her Dream Smiles Dental Clinic in Amritsar. And why call it Timeless Aesthetics? Because she believes that beauty which fulfills, is intransient in nature and unaffected by the passage of time. After careful planning and skill acquisition, Timeless Aesthetics got registered in April of 2019. The company, succinctly, offers services and products related to a recondite approach towards aesthetic beautification in the form of Micropigmentation, the technical term for Permanent Make Up procedures (PMU). Dr. Shikha, early on in her clinical practice, discerned that the rationales behind a lot of her patients’ requests were in essence cosmetic. As she scoured for procedures she could offer, she came across Micropigmentation, a cosmetic technique that was non-existent in India at the time

From there, it has been an arduous road of extensive learning, acquiring skills, implementation and execution for Timeless Aesthetics as a whole. They have been the pioneers in the PMU space in India and have built a vast customer base along with able and faithful investors, headed by a female CEO who is no less than a superwoman as she managed to achieve all she has while being a loving mother to her two children.

Timeless Aesthetics’ area of operations ranges from providing expert services, to retailing PMU products in the mass market and even starting certification and training programs for those looking to learn and contribute to this new industry in India. The company offers a multitude of procedures for numerous body parts; all the while making sure they only use the safest of products, stratagem and machinery while delivering world class quality. That’s one of the things that sets them apart from their soi-distant peers. They bring professionalism and accountability to the table. They provide value, quality and transparency in a space that has no official benchmark or eligibility bar. They also focus on and invest heavily in mentoring and training those who aspire to enter this space with their intensive training programs. 

Besides this a lot of their focus is on social impact and the difference PMU can make at a humane level in society. Timeless Promise, the social outreach arm of Timeless Aesthetics offers free consultation and ad-hoc procedures to acid burn victims. They also offer 50% off across the board for cancer survivors, vitiligo patients or anyone else who needs this service a la carte but cannot afford it. 

On the business end, Timeless Aesthetics is on an expansion mode with 6 clinics being readied for launch in the next 2 months, and additional 8-10 branches by the end of 2021. These clinics will be spread across the country including Amritsar, Delhi, NCR and Hyderabad. 

Timeless Aesthetics is a company breaking new grounds in a new space in India with its core ethos based on delivering value, quality and transforming lives by transforming faces. 

What is Permanent make-up?

Permanent Makeup is a technique where colored pigments are placed just below the first layer of skin. This allows the PMU artist to darken or lighten the specific area. This can be done on the lips, eyebrows, any part of the skin. For instance, dark pigment can be introduced to eyebrow area to make it look darker and shapelier while on the flip side, lighter colors can be used to areas like lips. 

Permanent make-up does not harm any tissues, skin cells, etc. and can be done on any type of skin. It lasts for longer period of time and with a fine tuning can be restored for years.