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CarTrade Helps Consumers And Companies Dispose Cars Impacted By Chennai Floods

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THE Chennai floods have impacted more than 80,000 vehicles with nearly 20,000 vehicles being declared “beyond repair” and in urgent requirement of assistance with disposal. CarTrade.com is helping insurance companies to dispose these assets.

With its online auction platform, sale facilities and large pool of pertinent buyers, CarTrade has already addressed 2000+ vehicles last month and is expecting 10,000 additional vehicles to be lined-up for its upcoming online and yard auctions in Chennai.

“With the sudden influx of these vehicles, there is a need for consumers to get their insurance claims fulfilled urgently. We as leaders in this segment have enhanced our presence in Chennai so that all the affected parties can get timely redressal. Our nationwide spread of auction buyers and our best in class expertise ensure fair wreck values for both consumers and insurance companies” says Ravi Mehra, President Auctions at CarTrade.com.

CarTrade.com has a tie-up with every major insurance company. It offers end-to-end services including parking, towing and basic refurbishment facilities for all assets in its parking lots. It has the largest on-ground support team to facilitate a smooth transaction between consumers and buyers. With its promise of trustworthy and hassle-free auctioning services for both consumers and companies, CarTrade.com is mobilising its robust infrastructure to ensure speedy and efficient compensation to affected parties in Chennai.

To know more about their online auctions, please visit www.cartradeexchange.in.

About CarTrade

CarTrade.com together with Carwale is an auto classifieds platform, attracting 32 million consumers every month to buy and sell new as well as used cars in India. The company works with 10,000+ new and used car dealers from all over the country. For more information, visit www.cartrade.com.

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