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Burger King Commits To 100 Percent Cage-Free Eggs

Burger King joins other major brands like Marriott International, Nestle, Grupo Bimbo and Unilever in eliminating eggs from hens confined in battery cages

Image credit: David Paul Morris (via hsi.org)

NEW DELHI (February 2016): Burger King has committed to eliminating eggs produced by hens confined in cages from its egg supply chain by switching to 100 percent cage-free eggs. The announcement comes via Burger King’s parent company, Restaurant Brands International. It applies to all the company’s brands worldwide—including Burger King and Tim Hortons, the Canadian restaurant chain—with a goal of accomplishing the transition in Canada, the U.S. and Mexico by 2025.

Throughout the world, a large proportion of egg-laying hens are confined for their whole lives in wire battery cages, so small they cannot even fully stretch their wings.

Elissa Lane, deputy director for Humane Society International, said: “Burger King joining the cage-free movement in North America is a clear signal that the future of egg production is cage-free. We look forward to seeing Burger King set a similar timeline for its restaurants in Asia, Africa, and the rest of the Americas.”

Other companies that have committed to sourcing 100 percent cage-free eggs include Grupo Bimbo, Marriott International, Nestle and Unilever. Globally, the cage-free movement includes dozens of the food industry’s largest players.