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Asian Paints Launches Video To Inspire Less Privileged To Become Professional Experts

Asian Paints Colour Academy, the educational arm of Asian Paints has launched an inspirational digital video “Saroj, The Leader”. Based on a true story, the video showcases the story of Saroj, a girl from a modest background with a dream to make a name for herself. She learns a new skill after joining Colour Academy which transforms her life. The objective of the video is to inspire people to have confidence in their own self and believe in the possibility of transformation and liberation that can come through vocational training.

Asian Paints Colour Academy is a training institution to provide training to the youth in the field of modern age paint application and decoration. Asian Paints aims to empower the applicants with the right set of skills to become employable as professional painting and decorating specialists and also generate more skilled artists in the paint industry through the institution. Asian Paints’ Colour Academy also builds on the Government’s ‘Skill India’ initiative of providing people with training in life skills to channelize them for appropriate job opportunities.

The five minute, forty-three-second film has been created and conceptualized by Ogilvy & Mather and is part of Asian Paints’ social initiative campaign ‘Naam Hoga Toh Kaam Hoga’. The film shows the determination of a young girl who decides to put her career as a beautician on hold to take a leap of faith and explore the world of being a painter. On the advice of a close family friend who sees a beautiful rangoli made by Saroj, suggests that she explore the artistic side in her and encourages her to join Asian Paints Colour Academy. Saroj manages to convince a few women from her neighbourhood to enroll in the course and form an all-woman applicator team.  The video goes on to show how Saroj and her team, after successfully delighting their first client on their first project, create more good work to impress hundreds of customers.

Speaking on the film Amit Syngle, President-Sales, Marketing & Technology, Asian Paints Ltd said “The first Asian Paints Colour Academy started in Chennai over a decade ago. It is now present in 10 cities & the mobile version covering 10 remote geographies. We realized that Colour Academies were not just training painters; it was doing something more fundamental. It was providing hard working professionals a sense of identity, belongingness, confidence and respect they have always found missing in them. And that is why we are promising to give names to faces through our social initiative campaign – “Naam hoga toh kaam hoga. ‘Saroj’ is the first of a series of videos that we plan to release. Each story will be based on real life individuals who come from simple backgrounds and whose lives change for the better after learning new skills.”

In addition to digital promotions and social media marketing, the video will be taken on ground through activation in villages, through NGOs and other groups. The idea is to tap into the large unskilled population in India & offer them a viable route for employment.